Fertilizers & Pesticides

  • Organic Granules

    Organic Granules

    Bio / Organic Manure June 15, 2018 50.00 Indian Rupee ₹

    Organic granules appears like a small ball It is a perfect combination of  Macro nutrient  Humic acid  Amino acid  Fulvic acid  Micro nutrients  Seaweed extract Less dosage will give excellent result from all crops. It slowly releases the nutri...

  • Neem granules/cake

    Neem granules/cake

    Bio / Organic Fertilizer June 15, 2018 28.00 Indian Rupee ₹

    Neem Cake is an organic fertilizer containing N, P, K, minor and trace elements in readily absorbable form. It also contains Neem bitters which help in controlling soil insects, fungal pathogens, termites and nematodes. Neem Cake can be mixed with ur...

  • Panchagavya


    Bio / Organic Manure June 15, 2018 100.00 Indian Rupee ₹

    Panchagavya is the combination of fi ve products obtained from cow, which helps in high production of crops and is a traditional means of safeguarding the plants. Much better than chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Panchagavya is an organic conditi...